(Latin = Ourebia ourebi , Afrikaans = Oorbietjie, German = Bleichböcken)

Hunting Oribi

(Latin = Ourebia ourebi , Afrikaans = Oorbietjie, German = Bleichbucken)

Numbers: Low
Weight: 10 - 17 kg (22 - 37 lb)
Shoulder height: 59 cm (24 in.)
Females horns: No

Found in the central and eastern parts of Mpumalanga, north-western and southern KwaZulu-Natal, around the south-eastern parts of Lesotho, and in the most eastern parts (and in a small coastal area) of the Eastern Cape Province.

The Oribi, just as the steenbok, prefers open country, but can handle highland area better than the steenbok. It has a fairly high white rump with a distinct black tail with a long neck (and is slingtly larger than the steenbok). It feels comfortable when there's patches of grass or bush nearby to hide in, or otherwise it will make a squatting sound. If danger lurks too close, it will take off at a dazzling speed with an alarmed squeak. It will soon, however show itself by jumping in the air at high speed to improve it's view. In combination to it's habit of stopping and looking back, hunters have often take advantage of this halt. This can be seen in their numbers today.